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Unique environment surrounded by a tranquil and beautiful landscape in the balearic island of Formentera, Spain. Yoga lessons and meditation retreats.
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When you are quiet, you see everything with love.  Dharma Mittra


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Yoga Retreat in Formentera

Our 4 top retreats

Make a commitment with yourself and nurture your sense of inner-balance and outer calm in a unique luxury spot by the sea.  Take 5 days of quality time to relax, disconnect and reconnect with your inner-self …

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This 7 days special retreat invites you to an immersion journey towards the self. In order to achieve our goals in life (peace, clarity, tranquility, and happiness) we need to remove obstacles and move closer to our soul. These 8 days experience will help you to walk the path towards letting go of whatever you don’t need, releasing tensions and impurities from the body and the mind to help revealing your inner-strength and light.

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Yoga meets the Swiss Alps
Hatha-balance yoga retreat in awesome Crans-Montana

“When you reach the top of a mountain, keep climbing”

–  Tibetan proverb

Experience yoga in the Swiss Alps and elevate your inner-self. Nourish your mind, body and soul with the high-altitude energy provided by pure oxygen and its benefits on your cardiovascular system.

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Are you ready to unlock your true potential? What if the key to elevated results is within you?

“The Journey to the Heart” retreat invites you to a self-discovery journey that supports you in unfolding your true self. This is a unique heart-based coaching online-onsite hybrid experience in the magic island of Formentera, that will elevate your capacity and ability to be a top performing leader and more consistently tap into the best version of yourself.

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More than 2o retreats of experience

Holiday Retreat in Gecko beach Club

Recommended by Daily Telegraph

If you are in Formentera and need to relax and increase your inner strength, our yoga lessons help with your goal of self-realization.

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  • Private lessons

    Summer Lessons

    Through private lessons you have the opportunity to further advance your practice.

  • Daily lessons

    Summer Lessons

    Experience Dharma yoga immersing yourself in a unique and tranquil environment.