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Unique environment surrounded by a tranquil and beautiful landscape in the balearic island of Formentera, Spain. Yoga lessons and meditation retreats.
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When you are quiet, you see everything with love.  Dharma Mittra

Hatha-dinamic retreat

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Yoga Retreat in Formentera

Our 4 top retreats

A special summer Hatha Yoga retreat. This 5 days retreat will help you to slow down your inner-rhythm, an improve your ability to self-center and be present.

You will learn strategies to improve your Asana Practise…

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This retreat is designed to welcome families and mothers or fathers with children of all ages. A special opportunity to spend quality time together while also enhancing yoga and meditation practise in a very special location. While parents practise yoga and meditation…

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A 5-days retreat designed for those who want to go deeper in their practice.

An intensive yoga and meditation experience to improve your level and devote yourself  to move forward in your self-realisation process.

In our Advanced practitioner retreat the day starts with a morning meditation practice, followed with a long asana and pranayama practise

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This 3-day to 7-day retreat is designed to work on your personal and specific development needs and rhythm.

Hosted in a secret eco-spot location hidden in a Mediterranean pine forest. In direct touch with nature, immersed in an exceptional silence ambience and with complete privacy…

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More than 2o retreats of experience

Holiday Retreat in Gecko beach Club

Recommended by Daily Telegraph

If you are in Formentera and need to relax and increase your inner strength, our yoga lessons help with your goal of self-realization.

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  • Private lessons

    Summer Lessons

    Through private lessons you have the opportunity to further advance your practice.

  • Daily lessons

    Summer Lessons

    Experience Dharma yoga immersing yourself in a unique and tranquil environment.