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Unique environment surrounded by a tranquil and beautiful landscape in the balearic island of Formentera, Spain. Yoga lessons and meditation retreats.
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When you are quiet, you see everything with love.  Dharma Mittra

Family Constelation & yoga retreat

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Yoga Retreat in Formentera

Our 4 top retreats

This 3 days retreat is designed to prepare yourself to enter in the autumn season with all your energies and full strength, its a time to start preserving your energies and getting ready for the winter. After all the activities of the summer we will have 3 days for slow down our rhythm giving yourself the opportunity to reconnect with your inner self…

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Start the year at peace with yourself and with the Wold with this 4 days retreat specially designed to cultivate harmony and clarity of mind. A unique opportunity to set the tone to start a new year with clear purpose while activating the energies and effort to make your intentions become reality. You will learn meditation and relaxation techniques that will help to print your goals in your subconscious mind…

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This 3 days retreat is designed to prepare yourself to enter in the spring season with awaken awarness of our full human nature and potential. This time of the year is naturally aligned with self-growth and personal flowrisment. A moment for discovery, expansion and nourishment of your inner bliss and joy,  as well as your ability to be compassive, love yourself and the others.…

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This 5 days retreat will help you to slow down your inner-rhythm, improve your ability to self-center and be present. You will learn strategies to improve your Asana Practise and your breathing patterns (pranayama) to help achieve deep breath, and gain concentration…

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More than 2o retreats of experience

Holiday Retreat in Gecko beach Club

Recommended by Daily Telegraph

If you are in Formentera and need to relax and increase your inner strength, our yoga lessons help with your goal of self-realization.

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  • Private lessons

    Summer Lessons

    Through private lessons you have the opportunity to further advance your practice.

  • Daily lessons

    Summer Lessons

    Experience Dharma yoga immersing yourself in a unique and tranquil environment.