Yoga in Formentera | Retreats
Formentera will host this specially designed retreat for yoga meditation, detox and purify your mind and body.
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Yoga retreats in Formentera

Un fin de semana de paz y quietud

Registration open // 12-14 de Febrero de 2021

Ven a disfrutar de un fin de semana de paz y quietud practicando Dharma Yoga con Yiannis Mukta en un maravilloso lugar llamado La Serranía, ubicado en plena naturaleza en la Serra de Tramuntana de Mallorca. La alimentación saludable será otra de las claves de este fin de semana. Podrás practicar yoga, dar paseos por la naturaleza, descansar y reconectar contigo.

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Hatha yoga Retreat “By the sea”

Registration open //  From 27th April to 1st May 2021


Our Hatha yoga retreat is the perfect gift to yourself. A unique experience dedicated to one’s own well-being. Specially made to fully reboot, rest and love yourself in the pursuit of inner re-connection and happiness…

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Flow hatha yoga retreat

Registration open // 21 to 25 May 2021

This 5 days retreat will help you to slow down your inner-rhythm, improve your ability to self-center and be present. You will learn strategies to improve your Asana Practise and your breathing patterns (pranayama) to help achieve deep breath, and gain concentration. Deep relaxation (Yoga Nidra) during the practices will help you to release tension and impurities from the body and the mind. Also, Meditation techniques and tools will be provided to best initiate yourself on self-guided meditation practice and experience the benefits, such as enhanced quietness, stillness, peace and joy…

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Bali Ubud Yoga retreat

Registration open // February  2022

You are invited to a journey of inner transformation. Bali Ubud Yoga seven days deepening retreat welcomes you in a sacred space. Enter in the dimension of the soul, reconnect with your inner potential and rediscover the best of yourself in this secret spot in Bali.

In this retreat you will purify your body and soul with our yoga sessions. Let go of tensions with massage and nurture body, mind and soul with healthy organic light food direct from the garden. Seven sacred days to release tensions and impurity from your body and mind.

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