Yoga in Formentera | Retreats
Formentera will host this specially designed retreat for yoga meditation, detox and purify your mind and body.
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Yoga retreats in Formentera

Another-island retreat, Antiparos, Greece

Registration open // From 19th September to 25th september 2021
Registration open // From 11 October to 17 October 2021

This 7 days special retreat invites you to an immersion journey towards the self. In order to achieve our goals in life (peace, clarity, tranquility, and happiness) we need to remove obstacles and move closer to our soul. These 8 days experience will help you to walk the path towards letting go of whatever you don’t need, releasing tensions and impurities from the body and the mind to help revealing your inner-strength and light….

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Inner-Flow Hatha yoga retreat:

Registration open // From 21th to 25th October 2021


Make a commitment with yourself and nurture your sense of inner-balance and outer calm in a unique luxury spot by the sea.  Take 5 days of quality time to relax, disconnect and reconnect with your inner-self. Make your time to let go, align and rebalance your body, your mind, and your soul in the magic Island of Formentera…

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Meditation retreat at home:  The Joy of reconnecting with myself

Registration open // 17th to 20th December 2021

I invite you to take on a journey to rediscover yourself and reconnect with your essence. A shift of attention from the outside to the inside, where endless happiness, joy and peace is already and constantly present. A journey from the head to the heart, to reveal your true essence. As wise Rumi said:

 “Only from the heart you can reach the sky” –  Rumi

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Yoga meets the Swiss Alps
Hatha-balance yoga retreat in awesome Crans-Montana

Registration open // From 17th to 21th January 2022

“When you reach the top of a mountain, keep climbing”

–  Tibetan proverb

Experience yoga in the Swiss Alps and elevate your inner-self. Nourish your mind, body and soul with the high-altitude energy provided by pure oxygen and its benefits on your cardiovascular system.

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The Journey to the Heart Retreat

Registration open // Register your interest here 

Are you ready to unlock your true potential? What if the key to elevated results is within you?

“The Journey to the Heart” retreat invites you to a self-discovery journey that supports you in unfolding your true self. This is a unique heart-based coaching online-onsite hybrid experience in the magic island of Formentera, that will elevate your capacity and ability to be a top performing leader and more consistently tap into the best version of yourself.

In this retreat you will purify your body and soul with our yoga sessions. Let go of tensions with massage and nurture body, mind and soul with healthy organic light food direct from the garden. Seven sacred days to release tensions and impurity from your body and mind.

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