Yoga in Formentera | Retreats
Formentera will host this specially designed retreat for yoga meditation, detox and purify your mind and body.
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Yoga retreats in Formentera

Awakening Retreat

Registration open // From 22nd March to 24nd March 2019

This 3 days retreat is designed to prepare yourself to enter in the spring season with awaken awarness of our full human nature and potential. This time of the year is naturally aligned with self-growth and personal flowrisment. A moment for discovery, expansion and nourishment of your inner bliss and joy,  as well as your ability to be compassive, love yourself and the others…

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Holiday Retreat

Registration open // From 18th to 21st April 2019 or from 21th to 24st April 2019  (Choose the best date for you )

Our Holiday retreat is the perfect gift to yourself. A unique experience dedicated to one’s own well-being. Specially made to fully reboot, rest and love yourself in the pursue of inner re-connection and happiness …

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Healing the mind & the Soul Retreat

(An anti-stress retreat)

Registration open // From 21th to 24st April 2019

This exclusive retreat is designed to slow down your inner-rhythm, better self-center and gain presence. We will provide you with tools and strategies to improve inner peace, those you can take home with you and continue your practice. This retreat can help reducing stress, releasing anxiety, improve insomnia or improve the lack of clarity, among other sufferings of the body and the …

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Detox Purifying Retreat

Registration open // From 1st to 5th May 2019 

This Detox purifiying retreat is based on the understanding that our body and mind are connected, working together as one.  When we clean from the impurities acummulated in our body due to our daily life habits we also clean our mind at the same time. Overall gainning more health, clarity and the stability that helps us to be more fully and naturally present in the moment…

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Soham Retreat

Registration open // From 1st September to 7th September 2019

Soham: “I am you and you are me”. Inhale: “So”, Exhale: “Ham”.

Do you sense the need to slow down and better re-connect with your inner-self? This 6 days retreat is designed to slow down your inner-rhythm, an improve

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Family Retreat

Registration open // From 6th October to 12th October 2019

This retreat is designed to welcome families and mothers or fathers with children of all ages. A special opportunity to spend quality time together while also enhancing yoga and meditation practise in a very special location. While parents practise yoga and meditation

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