Yoga in Formentera | Retreats
Formentera will host this specially designed retreat for yoga meditation, detox and purify your mind and body.
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Yoga retreats in Formentera

Yoga Intensive Retreat “by the sea”

Almost fully book // From 8th September to 11th September 2019

Four days of continuous practise by the sea, two deep and intensive practise per day, combining hatha yoga and vinyasa, just in front of the sea, in es calo mitjorn….

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Hatha-dinamic retreat

Last rooms available // From 13th October to 18th October 2019

Find Balance.

Yoga sessions powerful and dynamic as well as soft and relaxing. At any rate playful, humorous and sensitive. We all share the love for yoga, a rather dynamic, powerful and flowing style, but we all bring in our own emphasis.

Asana, breathing exercises, relaxation, meditation, and much more … Find calmness and serenity, summton up new forces, regenerate and rejuvenate.

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Registration open // From 20th October to 26th October 2019

A seven days/6 nights retreat designed to have the opportunity to go deep into yourself to transform and heal your deepest patterns and blockages in the unique context of the heavenly island of Formentera…

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Purifying retreat

Registration open //From 15th November to 17th November 2019

This 3 days retreat is designed to prepare yourself to enter in the autumn season with all your energies and full strength, its a time to start preserving your energies and getting ready for the winter. After all the activities of the summer we will have 3 days for slow down our rhythm giving yourself the opportunity to reconnect with your inner self. We will give tools and practises to purify our mind and body through asanas, pranayama, relaxation and meditation techniques, combine with a very healthy, organic and vegetarian food.

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New Year’s Retreat

Registration open // From 28th December to 1nd January 2020

Start the year at peace with yourself and with the Wold with this 4 days retreat specially designed to cultivate harmony and clarity of mind. A unique opportunity to set the tone to start a new year with clear purpose while activating the energies and effort to make your intentions become reality…

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Movement meditation retreat

Postponed for the nest season, dates coming soon

Join Simon and Yiannis for a Yoga and Meditation retreat immersed in the magical nature of Formentera, Spain. This 4 day retreat will help you to slow down your inner-rhythm, reconnect with nature, find stillness and be present. We will explore the path of wholistic Yoga practice through energizing and relaxing Asana practise, pranayama for enhanced breathing, and focused concentration…

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Family Retreat

Registration open // Dates to confirm depending on demand

This retreat is designed to welcome families and mothers or fathers with children of all ages. A special opportunity to spend quality time together while also enhancing yoga and meditation practise in a very special location. While parents practise yoga and meditation

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