Yoga retreats in Formentera | Yoga in Formentera
Formentera will host this specially designed retreat for yoga meditation, detox and purify your mind and body.
Meditation, retreat, villa, detox, purify
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Yoga retreats in Formentera

Registration open // 26th to 28th of october • Price: 755€ includes food and accomodation 

The Aim of a comprehensive yoga practice is to realize union with your higher self in order to obtain inner harmony.Harmonize your higherself with 3 days of Yoga with Yiannis and Groupal sessions with Osiris.

info and registration:by mail or phone 658113887

 Small groups: 10-12 participants.

3 days  purifying retreat (Formentera)

Registration open // 23th to 25th of November • Price: 390€ includes food and accomodation 

3 days of Yoga. two practises of yoga per day that will help you to reconnect with yourself. We will use differents techniques of purifying pranayama, kriyas, and deep yoga nidra and meditation to facilitate the process of self-deveploment, healing and understanding ourselves

info and registration:by mail: or phone 658113887

 Small groups: 10-12 participants.

If you want to receive more information:      contact us