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Yiannis Mukta Om going deeper states of meditation that he has cultivated from being by the side of Dharma yoga for so many years.
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Meditation retreat at home

Meditation retreat at home: The Joy of reconnecting with myself

17th to 20th December

(English and/or Spanish, according to group participants)

17th Introduction (open to everyone) – (19:00 – 20:30 pm)

18th-19th December 2021 Course (07.30 – 19.00 pm approx)

20th Final meditation (07:15-08:00 am)

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I invite you to take on a journey to rediscover yourself and reconnect with your essence. A shift of attention from the outside to the inside, where endless happiness, joy and peace is already and constantly present. A journey from the head to the heart, to reveal your true essence. As wise Rumi said:

 “Only from the heart you can reach the sky” –  Rumi

During this weekend in silence you will learn techniques to build up the routines and habits that allow you to establish your daily practice of meditation. If you are already a regular practitioner, you will have the opportunity to reinforce, deepen and strengthen in your practice.

Together we will find our own way to enter into meditation and reconnect with our inner-selves again. We will find the way back home, to our essence. Learn what meditation truly is and dive into the beauty of meditation, a self- inquiry method from the lineage of Ramana Maharashi

 “What you are looking for is the one looking”- St Francis Asis

The Teacher

Anna Reig Florensa has been meditating daily for more than 10 years, attending silence meditation retreats in the school of Hridaya and also taken part in meditation silence retreats in solitude for 30 days. Anna is bringing this online retreat to life with the aim to share her experience and her love for meditation. In it she has condensed the knowledge collected across those more than 10 years of daily practice to facilitate and create the conditions to allow each of us to find our way to be connected to ourselves through meditation, nourishing ourselves from the benefits of this ancient practice.

“Meditation is for me a healing process, a process where you are purifying your mind going back to your essence. A self love process, a reconnection with my true self , a rediscovering of what I really am: pure peace, pure joy, and pure love.”

Anna’s teaching and guidance brings her testimonial and experience in how meditation has transformed her life, opened her heart and prepared her to be ready for the mystery of life

“I sit, close my eyes and jump into the arms of God, pure love“ – Anna Reig Florensa

The Location

Online retreat at home. Prepare a corner, a room, a comfortable space, from where to keep the focus in silence, switch off your phone and connect with your computer avoiding distractions and/or interruptions.


 Day 1 – Friday. Understanding the practice of meditation 

(19:00-20:30)  Introduction & meditation (Session open to everybody)

Day 2 – Saturday. Silence, thoughts and the spiritual heart: Who am I?

(07:30-09:00) Morning  guided  meditation (with short breaks)

(09:00-10:00)  breakfast break

(10:00-11:00) lecture: spiritual heart and Spanda, the sacred tremor of the heart

(11:00-13:00) Hatha yoga practise & meditation

(13:00-15:30) Lunch break

(15:30-16:00) Yoga Nidra

(16:00-17:30) Meditation & lecture: the self inquiry method

(17:30-18:00) Break

(18:00- 18:30) Q&A

(18:30-19:30) Living with an open heart & closing meditation


Day 3 – Sunday: Awareness, the inner smile and daily practise

(07:30-09:00) Morning  guided  meditation (with short breaks)

(09:00-10:00) Breakfast break

(10:00-11:00) Lecture: Pure I feeling, I am

(11:00-13:00) Hatha yoga practise & meditation

(13:00-15:30) Lunch break

(15:30-16:00) Yoga Nidra

(16:00-17:30) Meditation & lecture: Awareness of the breath & the inner smile

(17:30-18:00) Break

(18:00- 18:30) Q&A

(18:30-19:30) Meditation & daily life


Day 4 –Monday. The Path of the habit

(07:15-08:00)  Final meditation

Price: 90€

Limited availability : mínimum 5 participants – maximum 10 participants

Schedule indicates approximate times and will be adjusted according to the needs of the group. Short breaks will be taken as required/necessary along the day.

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