Yoga in Formentera | About Formentera yoga
Yiannis Mukta Om going deeper states of meditation that he has cultivated from being by the side of Dharma yoga for so many years.
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Yoga in Formentera

Formentera is an island in the Mediterranean Sea, the smallest of the Balearic Islands. A paradise spot known for its clear waters with turquoise tones and its long stretches of beach backed by fine white sand dunes and pine trees.

Formentera is 19 km long (north to south), surrounded by a coast of 69 km.  An ideal location where to get lost by bike or by walk, to discover incredible clifts, magic lighthouses, ground roads, greenways, and endless wooden-walkaways immersed in a soundscape dominated by the birds and sea waves. In Formentera, the senses are revived and the soul re-awaken. The perfect place where to reconnect with yourself, renew your spirit and enjoy the practice of yoga and meditation. Come and discover it for yourself.


Come and discover it for yourself.