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Yiannis Mukta Om going deeper states of meditation that he has cultivated from being by the side of Dharma yoga for so many years.
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Family Constelation & yoga retreat

Family Constelation & yoga retreat
Healing retreat

From 21th April to 26th April 2020

Recommended by Daily Telegraph


Teresa Talavera is a specialist with over 30 years of experience in the systemic approach and family constellations, also the creator of the Emotional Self-Management discipline.

Through the sessions she will accompany you in the process of getting in touch with your deepest emotions, taking the first step towards a more harmonious, balanced and happy life. As she points out, in order to achieve personal balance it is essential to have the family system organized in the heart. Get ready to meet an amazing person: yourself.

In the Family Constellations, we work individually and in groups. Offering rapid identification of the blockage(s), personal, work or family disorder, as well as the correct attitude to solve it. It would be the equivalent of performing a sort of “emotional surgery”, helping to release what holds us back or that perhaps is not even our responsibility. Although the name may confuse us, a family constellation is not an esoteric technique or practice, nor related to astrology constellations.

Family Constellations help us to nurture acceptance and respect to any human being, any family system and even ourselves. Helping us to respect and look at ourselves with more kindness and love. Therefore enabling personal growth and enhanced happiness.


Yiannis Mukta Om
Anna Reig
Teresa Talavera


Yoga sessions are designed to calm and purify our body and mind in a way that you will be able to be more in contact with yourself and your true essence.The practises will help you to reduce stress, slow down the rhythm of your mind, re-center and find more peace, clarity and capacity to keep the present moment and be ready  for the sessions of family constelation

The yoga style is hatha dynamic for all levels as we adjust the practise with different variations for everyone

The yoga sessions included pranayama sessions (breathing exercises) that will help you to relax, center and balance your mind, asanas (postures) that will help you to purify your body and last relaxation and meditation to release any tension or impurity from your body and mind

We guarantee a personal  and individual „touch“, since we take care of you with two teachers. Translation will be at any moment available as Teresa the therapist speaks mainly spanish.

The Location

Hosted in the Gecko Beach Club, the best boutique hotel in Formentera, this Holiday retreat combines the best of comfort and a peaceful environment right in front of the sea. The perfect spot where to re-connect with nature and with yourself, to focus on practising yoga with an inspiring view, and immerse in an exceptionally quiet scenery.


Day 1: 

17.00 – 17.15h. Welcoming

17.15 – 18:00h. Yoga Nidra (relaxation)

18:00 – 19:30h. Groupal session with Teresa (introduction)

20:00h. Dinner

Day 2, 3, 4 & 5:

08.15 – 09:00h. Light breakfast (fruit, tea, snacks)

09:00-10:30h. Session  Hatha yoga with Yiannis – Anna

10:30-11:30h. Breakfast brunch buffet

12:30-15:30h. Family Constelation session with Teresa

15:30-16:30. Break (menu, one dish)

16:30-19:00h. Family Constelation session with Teresa

19:00-19:30h. Walk near the sea, sunset, meditation (optional)

20:00h. Dinner

Day 6:

08.15 – 08:45h. Light breakfast (fruit, tea, snacks)

08:45-10:30h. Closing session with Teresa, Yiannis y Anna

10:30-11:30h. Breakfast brunch buffet

12:00h. Check out

Accomodation & Price:

Double Room shared 1.980€ per person

Early bird price until 15st february: 1750€ per person

Individual Room: 2.550€ per person

Early bird price until 15st february: 2.350€ per person


5x nights

5 x delicious breakfast buffet

Water and fruits during the day

5 course menu incl. water

more than 20 hours of sessions of therapy

more than 10 hours of yoga

Groups of 20 people maximum

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