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Yiannis Mukta Om going deeper states of meditation that he has cultivated from being by the side of Dharma yoga for so many years.
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Detox Purifying Retreat

Detox Purifying Retreat

Recommended by Daily Telegraph

From 1st to 5th May 2019

This Detox purifiying retreat is based on the understanding that our body and mind are connected, working together as one.  When we clean from the impurities acummulated in our body due to our daily life habits we also clean our mind at the same time. Overall gainning more health, clarity and the stability that helps us to be more fully and naturally present in the moment.

A 4-days retreat specially designed for the cleansing of the body and the mind.

The Detox


Our program helps to cleanse the body with a range of healthy vegetarian food, green juices, and supplements made with whole food ingredients. Healthy nutrition is complemented with 2 daily practices of yoga. Those are specially designed with pranayama purifing exercises, kriyas, asanas and yoga nidra to help the body and the mind releasing tension, impurities, anxiety, and stress. Along the 5 days, the program is complemented with a cleansing massage to fully boost yourself.


Day 1

Arrival during the day.

18:00 – 19:30 h. Introduction and yoga practise.

20:30 h. Dinner veg soup and vegan super bowl .

22:00 h. Free Time. By clear views, recommended to observe the stars.


Day 2

09:00- 11:00 Hatha Yoga practise with pranayama, kriyas and relaxation.

During that first day we will do a cleansing with green juices and fruits all day.

17:30 -19:30  h. Yin yan yoga practise and meditation

Juices and fruits.

20:30-21:30 h. Satsang with Yiannis.

22:00 Bed Time.


Day 3 & 4

08:30- 11:00 Hatha Yoga practise with pranayama, kriyas and relaxation.

11:30 first meal after the cleansing: Miso soup, veg super bowl, special detox desert.

17:30 -19:30  h. Yin yan yoga practise and meditation

20:00 h. Dinner with range of salads and veg-legum bowl, special detox desert.

22:00 Bed Time


Day 5

09:00- 12:00 h. Hatha Yoga practise with pranayama, kriyas and relaxation and finall meditation

12:30 h.  healthy veg buffet

14:00 h check out

Accomodation & Price:

4 nights in a single or double-shared room

720€ pp in a Double Room (Shared Room)

1120 € pp in a Single  Room

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